CREDASYS: Employment Screening Products


provides detailed information regarding a person’s financial background including open accounts, balances, payment patterns, bad debts, collections, public record information and inquiries made by third parties. This file also provides the person’s name, aliases, and address information. The file is generated for the purposes of Employment screening and will not disclose a credit score.


  • the report is used in all industries, especially with positions involving financial responsibility (budget management, company credit card, handling or cash or valuables)
  • provides insight into a candidates level of responsibility
  • could potentially prevent collection calls, wage garnishment calls, etc


a criminal search is one of the most essential components of employment screening. Credasys will provide you with the information you need to make a smart hiring decision and reduce risk for your organization. We offer different levels of criminal background searches (listed below)


  • protect your business, clients, and other employees
  • protect your merchandise and equipment
  • avoid negligent hiring lawsuits
  • reduce the risk of violence in the work place


  • SINGLE STATEWIDE CRIMINAL SEARCH - $17.95: this report looks in to the state court database for records belonging to your candidate by name and date of birth. It will provide date of offense, case number, disposition and offense information. Searches will provide felony and misdemeanor information and go back a minimum of 7 years.
  • NATIONAL CRIMINAL OFFENDER PROFILE - $23.95: this profile provides results for a criminal database search on a national level. It searches over 270 million records from over 400 governmental agencies for records matching to your candidate based on name and date of birth. Search contains registered sex and violent offenders with felony conviction records.
  • COUNTY CRIMINAL RECORD - $19.95 + court fee: the county criminal record search offers the most thorough and up to date information. It is conducted in person by a court recorder who manually searches county court records and performs a thorough quality control by eliminating irrelevant data. For maximum protection, all jurisdictions where a candidate has resided should be searched. (please call us to inquire about your specific county’s court fee)


this is an essential tool that provides you with addresses associated with your candidates social. The search goes back 20 years. For the most accurate and thorough criminal background search, the county level search will be your biggest asset. The Prior Address History search will ensure that all relevant counties are disclosed to you - even those that the candidate may not have indicated on his/her application.


  • provides complete history of tenants residency - so you can cross reference with what was provided on the application
  • may reveal pattern of "moving around" - helps ensure to hire a permanent employee

APPLICANT ALERT- Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) - $9.95

this service searches the federal government’s database to identify individuals who have been linked to terrorism or have been classified on government watch lists.


  • improves and facilitates compliance with the Patriot Act

SSN ALERT - $9.95

this verifies information on a person’s social security number. It verifies who the social was issued to, where it was issued and when it was issued. It is an integral part of verifying your candidate’s identity to ensure that you have been provided with the correct information.


  • reduces the occurrence of applicant fraud
  • aids on detecting false application by illegal aliens


this service verifies the credential of your applicant such as degree or license earned, dates of attendance, etc. More and more, applicants are providing false credentials that could potentially cost you company money if they are not property qualified to hold the position they are applying for.


  • could potentially reduce negligence lawsuits
  • ensures proper training for position held


one of our professional customer service epresentatives will contact previous employer to verify position, hire date, status and other relevant information.


  • avoid misrepresentation of experience
  • eliminates fraudulent experience claims


Verifies the accuracy of Social Security Numbers, Immigration A numbers and obtains employees’ legal right to work status with DHS-issued verification number.

MED-CHECK - $9.95

provides sanction information, for a single state, on healthcare individuals. This Search meets the requirements for screening by the OIG Compliance program with information from the following data sources: IG, GSA, FDA, DEA, AND Tri-Care(formally Champus)


MedCheck Pro is a more robust search option allowing you to conduct a search of disciplinary actions taken by federal agencies as well as those taken by licensing and certification agencies in all 50 states against individuals healthcare providers. This is the most comprehensive search method available for high-risk individuals and contractors; those who directly involved in patient care. It also includes the Patriot Act name search.


Patriot Act Name search includes the following U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists. Includes following: OFAC Specially Designated National(SDN) & Blocked Persons, FBI Most Wanted Terrorists & Seeking Information, FBI Top Ten Most Wanted, INTERPOL Most Wanted List, Bank of England Sanction List, Canadian Sanction List, United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List, European Union Terrorism List, World Bank Ineligible Firms, Palestine Legislative Council List.

WORKERS COMPENSATION - $19.95 - $39.95

this search helps in identifying fraudulent claims by an employee as to previous workplace injuries. Some states require a signed and notarized release form.


Identifying all filings of bankruptcy, lien and judgments by an individual or business


over 700 thousands registered sex offenders obtained from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam

DRIVING RECORD - Pricing depends on state fee, see below

the driving record search provides driver’s license verification, suspensions, restrictions, DUI, revocations and violations. This report is a MUST if the position requires your applicant to do work related driving or if they will have access to a company vehicle. Some states offer an instant results on-line.


  • avoid unnecessary liability
  • reduce insurance premiums

Driving Record Pricing & Turn-Around Time (final price is as listed)

State Price Turn Around Time
Alaska $19.95 7 business days
Alabama $17.70 2-4 Hours
Arkansas $21.45 One Day
Arizona $17.95 2-4 Hours
California $11.95 One Day
Colorado $12.15 2-4 Hours
Connecticut $24.95 2-4 Hours
Delaware $24.95 2-5 business days
Dist.Of Columbia $22.95 7-10 days
Florida $17.97 2-4 Hours
Georgia $17.95 Next business day
Hawaii $32.95 One Day
Iowa $18.45 One Day
Idaho $18.95 2-4 Hours
Illinois $21.95 One Day
Indiana $17.45 2-4 Hours
Kansas $16.55 2-4 Hours
Kentucky $14.95 2-4 Hours
Louisiana $15.95 2-4 Hours
Maine $16.95 2-4 Hours
Maryland $18.95 2-4 Hours
Massachusetts $17.95 2-4 Hours
Michigan $16.95 One Day
Minnesota $14.95 One Day
Mississippi $20.95 2-4 Hours
Missouri $14.95 One Day
Montana $17.20 2-4 Hours
Nebraska $12.95 2-4 Hours
Nevada $16.95 One Day
New Hampshire $21.95 2-4 Hours
New Jersey $21.95 2-4 Hours
New Mexico $16.45 One Day
New York $16.95 2-4 Hours
North Carolina $17.95 2-4 Hours
North Dakota $12.95 2-4 Hours
Ohio $14.95 2-4 Hours
Oklahoma $37.45 One Day
Oregon $12.95 2nd business day
Pennsylvania $14.95 5 business days
Rhode Island $29.95 2-4 Hours
South Carolina $17.20 2-4 Hours
South Dekota $14.95 One Day
Tennessee $16.95 One Day
Texas $17.45 2-4 Hours
Utah $18.95 One Day
Vermont $24.95 2-4 Hours
Virginia $16.95 2-4 Hours
Washington $19.95 One Day
West virginia $18.95 2-4 Hours
Wisconsin $14.95 2-4 Hours
Wyoming $14.95 One Day